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Northumberland Landscapes 
I paint the vast landscapes of North Northumberland. The field boundaries, and forest-cloaked hills surrounding the Kielder reservoir, make stark contrasts and geometries in the landscape. Winter colours and low angled sunlight further define the breadth of the sparsely inhabited country.

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View to Hadrian's Wall

Steel Rigg

Winter Trees Near Powburn

The Cheviot across East Woodburn Common

TheCheviot from near Otterburn

Simonside from the NorthWest

Cold Sheep, Northumberland (sold)

Northumberland Durham border

Forming Ice, Bakethin Reservoir

Towards The Cheviot (not for sale)

Simonside by Rothbury

The Cheviots from Sundaysight

Kielder Autumn

Kielder Dam in the Snow

Summer Fields near Eglingham Village

Simonside, Northumberland

Spring Snow from Stiddle Hill

Kielder Lake from Hawkhope Hill

Breeze on the Water Kielder (sold)

Calm, Kielder Reservoir (sold)

Reflections Bakethin Reservoir (sold)

Frosted North Tyne Valley

Stiddle Hill Farm, Northumberland


North Tyne Valley by Kielder Dam

Sidwood, Northumberland

Across Bakethin Reservoir

Bakethin Weir to Plashetts (sold)

Bakethin Reservoir Masts

Still Water Bakethin Reservoir (sold)

Bakethin Weir (sold)

Rocky moorland, Northumberland

Log Stacks Chesterhope Common, Northumberland

Kielder Viaduct and Deadwater Fell

Simonside Hills

Craggy Rocks, Simonside Hills

Redesdale, Ridge and Furrow

The Cheviot from near Otterburn

The Cheviot from near Redesmouth

Stone Walls before The Cheviot

Weardale near Cornriggs

The Old Engine House, Ridsdale

Kielder Viaduct and Deadwater Fell

Cold Law and The Cheviot from the South

Cold Law and The Cheviot from Rothbury

The Cheviot from Simonside area

The Cheviots from Sundaysight

Deadwater Fell from Kielder Forest

Spring Light by Kielder Dam

Hadrian's Wall I (not for sale)

Two Trees near Hadrian's Wall

Kielder Viaduct from Bakethin Nature Reserve

The Cheviots

West Woodburn, Northumberland

From the military Road

Bakethin Reservoir

"55/02"across Kielder Water
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